Our Services

Digital Transformation

As the tadpole transforms into the frog, so your business must constantly evolve to meet the needs of your current and future challenges.  Digital transformation of your business needs high level and multi-year strategic advice, Binary Frog can bring this into your boardroom.

Change Management

Binary Frog can offer Change Management services such as assisting you with the change from Client Server (perpetual licence) to Web enabled (subscription licence) software with practical advice around getting started and ‘Go to Market’ strategies with practical implementation program management.

Third Party Integrations

In an age when you should be asking 'why build it if it already exists?' integrations to third party tools allow you to expand your offering without the overhead of building it yourself from scratch. Binary Frog can assist by offering advice from lessons learned or by practical implementation management.

Product / Project Management

Having a strong product management discipline in your organisation is as important as having your other teams but you may not have the space or people to provide that.  Binary Frog works within your business without the practical overhead and offers a complete strategic and technical product management lifecycle culture benefit that suits your strategy now and in the future.  Additionally we can offer project and release management to efficiently and smoothly get your release train to the people who need it.